Herpaflor claims that it can treat cold sores with 97.2 success rate. It is believed to work faster results than any herpes medication, prescription and non-prescription.

Herpaflor combines 17 proven herpes blocking ingredients to work on most people because the immune system differs in every person. This product can be used externally and orally.

For external application, use Outbreak Response Topical Liquid. It will reduce the outbreak and relieve pain immediately. For oral application, take Outbreak Response Tablets when the first sign of fever blisters appears, reducing the duration of the outbreak. For suppressive therapy, take Herpaflor Daily which will reduce the frequency and the severity of the outbreaks.

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Actual Customer Feedback

Our Herpaflor reviews are based on unbiased remarks made from real users. They have tried the product without receiving any incentives from the manufacturer. We found them on various forums and Q&A sites.

I've used Herpaflor and Valtrex. Still using Herpaflor as it works better for me and it's cheaper.
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iv had herpes some 10 years now, to my amazement not a single break out since taking this HerpaFlor.
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this herpaflor seems to be working well and its only 25 bucks a month compaired to valtrex that didnt work for me.
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Yep, it works well, at least for me, and it worked for the girl who told me about it.

I had pretty much CHRONIC cold sores and occasional genital herpes outbreaks too, and Herpaflor got them both under control.

Our Research on Herpaflor Suggests

From these Herpaflor reviews, obviously the product does work. It not only provides relief but also suppresses the herpes simplex virus type 1 from becoming active.


  • Immediate relief from pain and inflammation.
  • Kill the virus.
  • Rapid healing.
  • Reduce recurrences.
  • No side effect - all natural ingredients.
  • Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee.


  • No clinical trials to support the effectiveness of Herpaflor against cold sores.


Herpaflor can get rid of fever blisters quickly without depending on drugs. Containing 17 natural ingredients, it is one of the safest remedies to use against outbreaks. Furthermore, it can reduce the frequency of future outbreaks.

Why pay so much for drugs that work temporarily? Herpaflor is a complete solution that you have been looking for. With its unconditional money back guarantee, it either works or you can use it for free. It is definitely worth to try out Herpaflor.

Herpaflor is temporarily not available. Please visit the next best alternative - Dynamiclear.